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The new Harold Moore pouring jug & jug scoop have been designed to the same exacting high standards you would expect from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers. It provides both comfort and durability for the end user, whilst its innovative design lends itself to stacking for ease of storage and transport Although the pouring jug is marketed as having a large 2-litre capacity, this is achieved with room to spare thus preventing spillage. Both products have an internal increment ladder that is positioned centrally, as well as being both visible and accurate it also allows the jugs to be used equally well by left or right-handed people Available in 5 fashionable colours Lightweight Rot and rust proof One-piece construction Tough and durable Non-stick Manufactured using high grade quality polypropylene Made in the UK

2171Harold Moore Jug Scoop500mlBaby Blue
4686Harold Moore Jug Scoop1 litreBaby Blue
5794Harold Moore Jug Scoop2 litreBaby Blue
2152Harold Moore Jug Scoop500mlBlack
5795Harold Moore Jug Scoop2 litreBlack
2172Harold Moore Jug Scoop500mlLime Green
4687Harold Moore Jug Scoop1 litreLime Green
5799Harold Moore Jug Scoop2 litreLime Green
2173Harold Moore Jug Scoop500mlMagenta
4688Harold Moore Jug Scoop1 litreMagenta
5798Harold Moore Jug Scoop2 litreMagenta
2174Harold Moore Jug Scoop500mlPurple
4690Harold Moore Jug Scoop1 litrePurple
5796Harold Moore Jug Scoop2 litrePurple

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