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The Honsie® Life is a plain block coloured, all in one, nylon lycra horse and pony cover that utilises Xtra-Life lycra technology for extended life and durability. Perfect for keeping horses and ponies in pristine condition prior to competition or for use as a second skin for keeping your horse or pony warm in the winter. Extra Small: 10hh to 12hh. Small: 12.1hh to 14.2hh. Medium: 14.3hh to 15.2hh. Large: 15.3hh to 16.2hh. Extra Large: 16.3hh to 17.2hh.

19171Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX SmallBurgundy with Black Trim
19172Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeSmallBurgundy with Black Trim
19173Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeMediumBurgundy with Black Trim
19174Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeLargeBurgundy with Black Trim
19175Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX LargeBurgundy with Black Trim
19176Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX SmallRoyal Blue with Black Trim
19177Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeSmallRoyal Blue with Black Trim
19178Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeMediumRoyal Blue with Black Trim
19179Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeLargeRoyal Blue with Black Trim
19180Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX LargeRoyal Blue with Black Trim
15999Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX SmallRegal Navy with Red Trim
16003Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeSmallRegal Navy with Red Trim
16006Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeMediumRegal Navy with Red Trim
16007Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeLargeRegal Navy with Red Trim
16008Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX LargeRegal Navy with Red Trim
16011Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX SmallUltra Violet with Black Trim
16012Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeSmallUltra Violet with Black Trim
16013Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeMediumUltra Violet with Black Trim
16014Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeLargeUltra Violet with Black Trim
16015Belvoir Rug Company Honsie LifeX LargeUltra Violet with Black Trim

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