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The Belvoir Rug Company Dog Onesie is an all in one dog protection cover that is perfect for keeping your dog clean whilst out for a walk or for dogs that shed their coat in and around the house. The product utilises Xtra-Life lycra technology which gives the Dog Onesie extended life and extra durability. Sizes - Extra Small: Small Chihuahua. Small: Long Hair Chihuahua/Small Terrier. Medium: Small Spaniel. Large: Cocker Spaniel. Extra Large: Labrador. 2 x Extra Large: Large Labrador.

16036Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieX SmallRegal Navy with Red Trim
16037Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieSmallRegal Navy with Red Trim
16038Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieMediumRegal Navy with Red Trim
16039Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieLargeRegal Navy with Red Trim
16040Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieX LargeRegal Navy with Red Trim
16041Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieX X LargeRegal Navy with Red Trim
16042Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieX SmallUltra Violet with Black Trim
16043Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieSmallUltra Violet with Black Trim
16044Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieMediumUltra Violet with Black Trim
16045Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieLargeUltra Violet with Black Trim
16046Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieX LargeUltra Violet with Black Trim
16047Belvoir Rug Company Dog OnesieX X LargeUltra Violet with Black Trim

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