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The darker friend of 'Wicked', this rich and vibrant green will enchant and inspire. Glamourati STARDUST glitter is the highest quality, premium cosmetic grade glitter. It is carefully manufactured to ensure there are no sharp edges or spurs (as you would find in craft or lower quality glitters). It is suitable for use anywhere on you or your horse....just keep away from the eye area to avoid irritation.

17651Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gCobalt
17652Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gCanary
17653Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gDragonfly
17654Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gEnchantress
17655Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gFirelight
17656Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gGlamathyst
17672Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gWicked
17663Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gPrincess
17664Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gRuby Slippers
17668Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gSiriusly Black
17669Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gStarlight
17670Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gSweetheart
17671Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gUnicorn
17657Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gGoldrush
17658Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gIce Queen
17659Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gMajesty
17660Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gMermaid
17661Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gMoulin Rouge
17662Glamourati Stardust Glitter15gPink Diamond

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