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Home / Products / HyCOMFORT / Equine / Saddlery / Girths & Accessories / HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth

The Dee system allows the weight to be distributed evenly making it a very comfortable girth. Easy to fasten and helps eliminate over tightening. Super strong yet soft material, textured to allow airflow. Moves comfortably without chaffing or rubbing. Stainless Steel roller buckles. Easy to wipe clean.

3681HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth36"Black
3787HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth36"Brown
3788HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth38"Brown
3684HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth38"Black
3701HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth40"Black
3808HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth40"Brown
3831HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth42"Brown
3702HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth42"Black
3706HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth44"Black
3844HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth44"Brown
3955HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth46"Brown
3707HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth46"Black
3708HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth48"Black
3963HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth48"Brown
3964HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth50"Brown
3709HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth50"Black
3712HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth52"Black
3805HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth52"Brown
3966HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth54"Brown
3713HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth54"Black
3718HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth56"Black
3967HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth56"Brown
3777HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth58"Black
3968HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth58"Brown
3969HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth60"Brown
3778HyCOMFORT Humane Waffle Girth60"Black
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