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A quality product and great value for money. Easy fit over reach boots which offer complete protection to the hoof and coronet area. 2 Velcro closures for extra durable strength.

Size Guide
SizeSmallMediumLargeX Large
Top Length (a) cm22.52529.530
Bottom Lenght (B) cm3942.54750.5
Height (C) cm10.510.511.512.5
0288HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsSmallBrown
0294HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsSmallBlack
0285HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsSmallPink
0284HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsSmallPurple
9763HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsSmallWhite
0291HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsMediumBrown
0290HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsMediumBlack
0293HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsMediumPink
0289HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsMediumWhite
0292HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsMediumPurple
0297HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsLargeBrown
0296HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsLargeBlack
0299HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsLargePink
0298HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsLargePurple
0295HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsLargeWhite
9044HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsX LargeBlack
9042HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsX LargeBrown
9040HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsX LargePink
9039HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsX LargePurple
9764HyIMPACT Over Reach BootsX LargeWhite
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