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Durable and hard-wearing, premium British made stylish collars. Made with ultra-soft suedette for added comfort, and a life long anti-bacterial feature reduces unwanted odours. Nickel plated metalwork completes the highest quality finish.

7348Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2cm x 38cmApple Green
7528Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2cm x 43cmApple Green
7585Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5cm x 51cmApple Green
7634Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5cm x 61cmApple Green
7410Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2 x 38cmBold Red
7636Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 61cmBold Red
7470Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2 x 38cmClementine
7578Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2 x 43cmClementine
7633Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 51cmClementine
7658Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 61cmClementine
7447Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2 x 38cmHot Pink
7569Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2 x 43cmHot Pink
7630Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 51cmHot Pink
7646Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 61cmHot Pink
7390Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2 x 38cmLiberty Purple
7588Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 51cmLiberty Purple
7635Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 61cmLiberty Purple
7638Oscar & Hooch Dog Collar2.5 x 61cmRoyal Blue
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