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Co-ordinated range of Fly Hoods from LeMieux. Handmade from two styles of close-knit crochet with comfortable sound softening ears. Signature detail in suede matches with saddle pads

14513LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumFuchsia
14514LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargeFuchsia
14515LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeFuchsia
14516LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumTurquoise/Turquoise Braid
14517LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargeTurquoise/Turquoise Braid
14518LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeTurquoise/Turquoise Braid
11267LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumBenetton Blue/Blue Braid
14510LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumTeal/Teal Braid
14511LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargeTeal/Teal Braid
14512LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeTeal/Teal Braid
18912LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumLime/Lime Braid
18913LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargeLime/Lime Braid
18914LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeLime/Lime Braid
18915LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumTangerine/Tangerine Braid
18916LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargeTangerine/Tangerine Braid
18917LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeTangerine/Tangerine Braid
18918LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumPeacock Green/Green Braid
18919LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargePeacock Green/Green Braid
18920LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargePeacock Green/Green Braid
18921LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsMediumPlum/Plum Braid
18922LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargePlum/Plum Braid
18923LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargePlum/Plum Braid
11268LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsLargeBenetton Blue/Blue Braid
11269LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeBenetton Blue/Blue Braid
11275LeMieux Signature Fly HoodsX LargeMustard/Mustard Braid
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