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Home / Products / Equine / Safety / Body Protectors / Champion Titanium Body Protector

•unisex flexible segmented style body protector
•heavy duty YKK zips, military grade outer mesh, ultra lightweight
foam and cool feel titanium coloured inner lining
•cutting edge comfort & flexibility achieved through
•revolutionary SegTek construction
•channeled airflow hole heat release system
•slip it on, zip it up and fit for ease of use
•titanium lining

15303Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild X Small - Short BackBlack
15304Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Small - Short BackBlack
15305Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Medium - Short BackBlack
15306Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Large - Short BackBlack
15307Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild X Large - Short BackBlack
16978Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult X Small - Short BackBlack
15308Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Small - Short BackBlack
15309Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Medium - Short BackBlack
15310Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Large - Short BackBlack
15311Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult X Large - Short BackBlack
15312Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild X Small - Regular BackBlack
15313Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Small - Regular BackBlack
15314Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Medium - Regular BackBlack
15315Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Large - Regular BackBlack
15316Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild X Large - Regular BackBlack
16979Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult X Small - Regular BackBlack
15317Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Small - Regular BackBlack
15318Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Medium - Regular BackBlack
15319Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Large - Regular BackBlack
15320Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult X Large - Regular BackBlack
15321Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild X Small - Tall BackBlack
15322Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Small - Tall BackBlack
15323Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Medium - Tall BackBlack
15324Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild Large - Tall BackBlack
15325Champion Titanium Body ProtectorChild X Large - Tall BackBlack
16980Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult X Small - Tall BackBlack
15326Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Small - Tall BackBlack
15327Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Medium - Tall BackBlack
15328Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult Large - Tall BackBlack
15329Champion Titanium Body ProtectorAdult X Large - Tall BackBlack
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