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Home / Products / Equine / Rugs & Hoods / Fleece and Coolers / LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug

• Strong ballistic nylon outer fabric resists abrasions & knocks.
• Inner lining of soft fleece & cushion fill layer draws moisture & sweat.
• Large, easy & quick Velcro straps.
• Robust heel guards add vital protection.

18930LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'0Black
18931LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'3Black
18932LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'6Black
18933LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'9Black
18934LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'0Black
18935LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'3Black
18961LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'9Burgundy
18962LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'0Burgundy
18963LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'3Burgundy
18964LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'6Burgundy
18965LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'9Burgundy
18955LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'6Benetton Blue
18956LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'9Benetton Blue
18957LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug7'0Benetton Blue
18958LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'0Burgundy
18959LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'3Burgundy
18960LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'6Burgundy
18949LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'0Benetton Blue
18950LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'3Benetton Blue
18951LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'6Benetton Blue
18952LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'9Benetton Blue
18953LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'0Benetton Blue
18954LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'3Benetton Blue
18943LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'9Navy
18944LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'0Navy
18945LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'3Navy
18946LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'6Navy
18947LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'9Navy
18948LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug7'0Navy
18936LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'6Black
18937LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug6'9Black
18938LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug7'0Black
18939LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'0Navy
18940LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'3Navy
18942LeMieux Thermo-Cool Rug5'6Navy
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